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Weight:10-20 Grams
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Lepidolite crystal worry stone is a crystal of calm, trust, and acceptance. This polished stone has a solid relaxing and calming effect. It brings trust and is a stone of change in that it causes one get past advances with trust that everything will at last turn out generally advantageous. It incites and upgrades self esteem, persistence, and idealism. Inwardly, lepidolite is a superb healer. It is utilized for dream work, rebirthing, and is likewise useful for dream review. Lepidolite is additionally a defensive stone that gets achievement business or profession. It can likewise convey a developing vitality to cultivating and agribusiness. Physically, lepidolite is useful for mending of organs, insusceptible framework, skin, nails, hair, DNA, catalyst equalization, fixation and liquor abuse recuperation, pregnancy, labor, and general mending. At the point when joined with rubellite - pink tourmaline it is an exceptionally incredible operator for quieting and recuperating, particularly in the passionate zones. Lepidolite blends well with tourmaline, kunzite, petalite, amethyst, scolecite and lemurian precious stones. Lepidolite is related to all chakras and is connected fundamentally to the heart, crown and third eye chakra. Order online now.

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