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Item Code:GEO-SET-10
Size:20-25 MM
MOQ:10 Set
Weight:80-100 Grams
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Healing with sacred geometry is one of the most natural and powerful ways to engage the mind, body, and spirit. Try these techniques and start enjoying the many benefits today!Sacred geometry not only helps relieve pressure and tension in the nervous system, but it helps us get rid of outdated beliefs and toxic thoughts that are hindering our growth.

As we heal, we start to feel more present and focused. These patterns send vibrations to our consciousness that help awaken a healthier state of mind. As a result, we feel less anxious and less afraid of what the future brings.This way of healing brings about mental clarity and balances the relationship between the rational and the irrational mind. We can use sacred geometry for healing to realign the body’s inner compass and improve its functioning on the physical and energetic levels. It resets our organs to their default functions, in a sense rebooting us.

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