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Rainbow Moonstone Worry Stone
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    100 Pcs
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    10-20 Grams
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Product Description

Rainbow Moonstone Worry Stone opens the heart to sustaining characteristics just as aiding the acknowledgment of affection. It is a brilliant precious stone for first or new love, and is a soothing charm if love must be kept a mystery. It was additionally accepted to have the capacity to rejoin friends and family who had separated in indignation. Moonstone is additionally the stone of adoration and suggestion, invigorating the kundalini vitality and lustful wants. It is a definitive ripeness precious stone. A Moonstone accessory worn amid lovemaking at full moon orchestrates the body into the common lunar cycle. Or on the other hand, for loyalty or ripeness, make a framework of thirteen Moonstone gems with a hover of the a year around a room, and one focused under the bed. Order online now.