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Item Code:Met-010
MOQ:50 Pcs
Weight:20-40 Grams
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Shop online for 9 plated Isis Silver Pendulums at low costs. We offer pendulum with 9 Rings Plate Disks Metal Isis Silver Plated Pendulums in discount. Around 30-50mm long chain + 2 inch long Pendulum. The Healing Qualities and Metaphysical Properties are EXCELLENT. The Isis Pendulum, named after the Egyptian Goddess, symbolizes the Cross of Life. Its shape, whose radiation is fortified through four plate-like circles called a `battery`, together with the utilization of tough wood or metal, delivers a high dowsing affectability. The Isis pendulum washes down itself by continually producing white beams. The 6-cell variant of the Isis pendulum is all the more dominant as the radiations are additionally enhanced by the bigger "battery".It works as a solid producer of power when utilized as a recuperating gadget, for instance in shading treatment. It can produce any shading on mental order and can be utilized for all intents and purposes any objection. An extraordinary preferred standpoint is that the professional endures an insignificant loss of vitality, as this is consequently made by the geometric type of the Isis Pendulum.

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