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Item Code:Met-063
MOQ:50 Pcs
Weight:20-40 Grams
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Get the best Star Cage Golden Chakra Pendulums at discount costs from Anam Agate. This rich pendulum utilizes the image of a Star Cage used to hold one of the seven beautiful stones gave to help bring the particular motivation behind that shading into your divination. Place the hued stone inside the confine pendulum and use it to help discover the appropriate responses that you look for. This pendulum works as a recipient when making inquiries like "is this the correct solution for me?", and it additionally works as a solid producer of power when utilized as a mending gadget, for instance in shading treatment. As white is its common radiation, it can transmit any shading on mental direction and can be utilized for all intents and purposes any grumbling. An extraordinary favorable position is that the expert endures an insignificant loss of vitality, as this is naturally made by the geometric type of the Isis Pendulum.

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