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Item Code:Ball-02
MOQ:2 Kg
Weight:90-200 Grams
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Order online for Tiger Eye Ball at Low prices from Anam Agate. Tiger Eye Ball is a most ancient talisman, mysterious and powerful, revered and feared - an ?all-seeing all-knowing eye,?. It is a variety of macrocrystalline Quartz known for its remarkable chatoyancy and rich layers of gold and brown color. ger?s Eye is ever vigilant, bringing sharpness to one?s inner vision and better understanding of the cause and effect of each situation. It encourages one to use their powers wisely, and allows scattered information to be brought together to a cohesive whole. Tiger?s Eye supports necessary change in all aspects of one?s life, strengthening the will and clarity of intention in order to manifest at the highest level. It inspires creativity and utilizing one?s talents and abilities, and is superb for stimulating wealth and the good judgement needed to maintain it. Visit us today or order online now.

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