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Item Code:An-OrgPr-56
MOQ:10 Pcs
Weight:150-180 Grams
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This Pearls Orgonite Pyramid helps protect you from damaging radiation (EMF frequency) from cell phones and their towers. The metal portion should be near equal to the crystal quantity to produce a strong Orgone product. The crystals help many different aliments. Our devices are now charged with Reiki healing energy. Pearls Orgonite Pyramid is helpful for high blood pressure, dizziness, improving vision, highly protective for children, wound healing, calms bad temper, overall calming effect. like hearing ocean waves. Its the Master Healer, Can be used for any health condition, stimulate the immune, circulatory systems, migraine headaches, vertigo, metabolism, exhaustion, and weight loss. Pearls Orgonite Pyramid soothes painful burns and eliminating blistering. It also beneficial in treating skin disorders.Clears and balances & activates aligns all chakras.

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