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Item Code:GP-108
MOQ:50 Pcs
Weight:15-20 Grams
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Shop for Blue Star Wire Wrapped Pendants online at Anam Agate. Star Sapphire is a gemstone that can give wisdom for success. It has been believed for its meaning and properties to strengthen your brain and concentration. Some people think that the blue color of the gemstone symbolizes the sky and sea, and that this means truth, sincerity and inspiration. An old legend says that offering a blue gemstone engagement ring can bring continuity in their marital life. Sapphires are famously known as blue gemstones, which is why they are often related to the Heavens. This gave it the nickname, ?the divine stone? in some cultures. In Christianity, a Sapphire is seen as the gemstone of purity, wisdom and chastity. Pendant, in jewelry, ornament suspended from a bracelet, earring, or, especially, a necklace. Pendants are derived from the primitive practice of wearing amulets or talismans around the neck. The practice dates from the Stone Age, when pendants consisted of such objects as teeth, stones, and shells. A gemstone worn as a pendant always gives better result than a ring.

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