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Item Code:Pe-Point-012
Size:20-25 MM
MOQ:70 Pcs
Weight:10-22 Grams
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An exclusive deal on Tree Agate Pencil Points is here at Anam Agate. Tree Agate ("Dendritic Agate") is a stone of inner peace and plenitude. It brings abundance and fullness to all areas of life, including business and agriculture. It can be used to enhance the yield of crops or to maintain the health of house plants. The various colors mean that Agate can have a wide range of emotional and physical influences but generally it is a soothing and calming gemstone which can relieve tension and anger. It improves concentration, memory, your awareness of your surroundings and rational thought ? your whole mental health in fact. It is not a stone of protection, but of support and encouragement, elevating thoughts and promoting optimism. Its graceful design, in random lacy patterns, creates a circular flow of energy, stimulating for the mind and attitude. Dendritic Agate. Dendritic Agate is known as the Stone of Plentitude.

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