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Item Code:CC-014
Size:4-7 mm
MOQ:30 pcs
Weight:2-10 Grams
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Whether you`re into jewelry making, crystal healing, or DIY crafts, our crystal chips offer versatility and a touch of natural beauty. Dive into the world of chakra alignment as you explore our chakra crystal chips, carefully selected for their unique energies. For the avid crafter, we provide bulk crystal chips in wholesale options, allowing you to unleash your imagination and create distinctive pieces that resonate with the power of genuine gemstones. These crystal gemstone fragments are not just crafting supplies; they`re a testament to the inherent beauty found in nature. Curate your own crystal chip collection and infuse your projects with the positive energy and aesthetics only genuine gemstones can provide. Whether you`re creating mosaic art, inlaying designs, or crafting distinctive jewelry, our crystal chips are the perfect embellishments to add that extra touch of sparkle. Explore our selection now and discover the endless possibilities that crystal chips gemstones bring to your creative pursuits. Embrace the beauty, energy, and versatility of these natural treasures, and let your imagination soar with every piece. Shop with us to unlock the potential of crystal chips for your unique artistic expressions.

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